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Lets get building!

Brickscalibur 2022

Here you can find all of this year’s categories, along with their respective details and prizes!

You can only win a single prize – but with two prizes per category you might have a lot to pick from!

Have fun and enjoy! If you do have questions, reach out to us on Discord!

Size matters

Medieval Micro

Build a medieval creation in micro-scale. Landscapes or fairytales, grand epics or pocket-sized stories – this is the place for it.

As long as it’s smaller than minifigure-scale, you can let your imagination go wild!

Custom-Built Trophy

Much like everyone that enters, this mason is busy creating a miniature. Think he’ll be hammering away in your display cabinet soon?

Built by Markus Rollbühler. Shipped from Germany.

43192: Cinderella’s Royal Carriage

A royal carriage, a princess, a wondrous fairy and plenty of white bricks for your collection!

Did it have to be snow?

The Frozen Wilds

This year we’re venturing up North, into the frozen lands that are both dangerous and full of adventure! Pack your snow shoes, your coats and mittens, and take us with you on your travels!

Show us icebergs bobbing in cold waters, brave warriors in uninhabitable surroundings or those frost dragons that are chilling your bones!

Custom-Built Trophy

Only the hardiest warriors survive the freezing cold! Maybe this orc will fare better and soon find themselves in your display cabinet?

Built by Markus Rollbühler. Shipped from Germany.

21186: The Ice Castle

Tall icy walls and imposing towers – looks like someone ventured a bit too far into the frozen wilds. This neat parts pack of dark orange and bright light blue awaits one of you daring adventurers!

Pleasant Peasants

Farmstead Figures

Our figbarf category is about the hard-working people that support all of society: Show us the farmers and and maids, the stable boys and field workers, and everyone else that is sweating doing the hard labor that is farming.

To reach the minimum requirement of 5 minifigures for this category, feel free to add other members of their household such as their kids or even a traveling peddler.

Minimal decorative builds are allowed but the focus should be on your minifigures.

Custom-Built Trophy

A farm wouldn’t be the same without a caring farmhand, taking care of livestock or the harvest – or sometime soon your display case?

Built by Markus Rollbühler. Shipped from Germany.

60346: Barn & Farm Animals

Ignore the barn and the tractor – you’re in for the animals, right? There’s a sheep and a cow and more cute piglets and calfs than you’ll ever need – fun!

On the lookout

Where's Waldo?

A master in infiltration, the infamous Waldo is hard to track down. Are they a noble trying to enjoy the simpler things in life? A ruthless assassin on a mission? Or merely a harmless bystander blending into the crowd?

Show us your medieval interpretation of Waldo and hide them in a wimmelpicture of your own making!

Note: No need for red and white outfits, just create a character that hides in plain sight – a good story reason will be a plus!

Custom-Built Trophy

Few are better at hiding in plain sight than a Master Assassin. Let’s hope you can find him in your display cabinet very soon!

Built by Markus Rollbühler. Shipped from Germany.

40567: Forest Hideout

A cozy hiding place in the woods – great for practicing your archery skills, stashing your loot and just relaxing underneath the lush forest canopy.

Hard work pays off

Trading Places

No medieval town is without its blacksmith, a tavern or a local bakery: Stores and artisans that are vital to society and that breathe so much life into every settlement. Time to celebrate commerce and craftsmen!

Show us your favorite medieval occupation and the buildings they occupy – both exteriors and interiors are welcome!

Custom-Built Trophy

Trading in tonics and medicine an alchemist trades with all of society. And maybe soon in your display case at home?

Built by Markus Rollbühler. Shipped from Denmark.

76388: Hogsmeade Village Visit

Small shops make up the lovely village, regularly frequented by witches and wizards alike! Maybe you’ll be taking a stroll here soon, too?

Collaborative Couples

Labor of Love

Work together as a Team of Two to tell a tale of love. To enter, create a MOC each (for a total of two per team) that illustrate your story. Make sure your entries feel coherent.

It is completely up to you how exactly you interpret the theme: Maybe it’s a medieval retelling of the famous Romeo & Juliet? Is it a king falling in love with a poor maiden? Or something entirely different? Be it tragic or romantic – as long as it’s about love!

Custom-Built Trophy

A pair of lovers, sharing a moment of romance in the garden, painfully aware they’ll have to separate again soon!

Built by Markus Rollbühler. Shipped from Germany.

Custom-Built Trophy

A pair of lovers, sharing a moment of romance in the garden, painfully aware they’ll have to separate again soon!

Built by Markus Rollbühler. Shipped from Germany.

Poetic Pixels

Realms of Unreality

The lands of the fantastical are built on imagination: Realms with mighty creatures, the planes behind the magic mirror, fever dreams of the supernatural – one more whimsical and wondrous than the next. Show us the magic of digital creations and the supernatural that those can conjure!

In this digital-only category show us a fictional realm with all that that entails. There is no restriction as to what software you can use but please stick to elements in existing colors. Please submit rendered images only.

This category is no requirement for the title of the Dragonslayer and doesn’t count towards its scoring.

Custom-Built Trophy

Granting wishes and creating riches from nothing, this genie is as supernatural as this category. Let’s see if you may rub its lamp very soon!

Built by Markus Rollbühler. Shipped from Germany.

71772: The Crystal King

A mighty foe of the supernatural – towering, magical and wielding a powerful spear: Invincible or soon to be yours?

There can only be one

The Dragonslayer Award

Those that aspire to more can compete for the Dragonslayer Award: A title bestowed on the highest scoring builder each year, it grants them a seat at the round table, a virtual gallery of the best castle builders out there.

For a shot at the Dragonslayer Award you will want to build in all six categories and bring your A-game! There can only be one!

21325: Medieval Blacksmith

A Dragonslayer of course needs a proper blacksmith – taking care of weapons and armor, and maybe even your trusted steed. Oh, and it’s a great parts pack, too!

This prize can be won in addition to the category prizes.


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