The Results are in!

The first Brickscalibur has come to an end and our renowned judges have done their deed.

An incredible 181 entries were submitted across six categories, and with that a myriad of mesmerizing creations delighted judges and spectators alike.

Time to celebrate this year’s winners!

The Dragonslayer Award goes to...

W. Navarre

With entries across all six categories, a dazzling array of techniques, scales, and styles, and a category win as well as a runner-up placement, there was one competitor that stood above the rest: One that inspired and surprised, delighted, and impressed. One that was perfect Dragonslayer material…!

Our first Dragonslayer is W. Navarre! As they say: There can only be one. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!

Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 12.03.13

Vignette 12x12

With 49 entries this category proved the most popular – and the submissions offered everything from bustling interiors to micro-scale masterpieces!

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: Hubba Blöoba


Seldomly has doing paperwork looked as magnificently as Hubba Blöoba depicts it here!

Moonlight casting through a stained-glass window onto a candle-lit desk makes for an almost romantic scene, and the beautifully detailed backdrop invites a closer look. Combined with the innovative frame that encompasses the whole piece this made for a showstopper in this crowded category!

Congratulations on this well-deserved win!

Runner-Up: Neon5

The Archives

A place of wisdom and peaceful seclusion – Neon5’s beautiful archives left us in awe with their verticality, their detailing and wonderful SNOT work!

This intricate vignette is this year’s well-deserved runner-up. Congratulations!


Monstrous Encounters

35 entries dealt with the perils of encountering wild creatures, mythical monsters or friendly mushrooms – quite the variety in this fantastical bestiary!

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: KitKat1414

The (new) master of Laketown

Looming over Lake Town Smaug continues to inspire builders.

KitKat1414’s gorgeous model is a beautiful display of texture work and muted colors, and has plenty of details to discover. And the eponymous winged Master of Laketown is a study in creature building the likes of which we’ve rarely seen.

A truly monstrous encounter – congratulations on this well-deserved win!

Runner-Up: herrkraemert

On defying a Werewolf

With all the amazing entries for this category, one immediately stood out for its creative use of silhouettes for storytelling:

This tale of a werefolf and a brave warrior makes pieces truly transcend their originally intended purpose, cleverly employing an octopus, a dragon head and even a wole raptor.

This captivating entry by Herrkraemert invites a second look, with so much to discover! A well-earned second place – congratulations!


Monarchic Minifigures

Bustling courts, vampire lords, bipedal rodents or wizards – the 33 entries for this category couldn’t be more different from one another!

We can only crown two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: Deltassius

The court of ruin

Deltassius took a unique concept and ran with it: Each and every minifigure enhances the story, a unifiying color scheme ties everything together and as if that wasn’t enough, there’s plenty of smart element use to boot.

A beautifully different take on the prompt! Congratulations on winning this category – we’re sure the (mostly pictured) maid would agree!

Runner-Up: Andreas Lenander

Monarchaic Mongol Minifigs

Thinking outside the box isn’t just about smart element usage (of which there is plenty in this entry). Capturing a different culture can go a long way, too, especially if it’s done as well as in Andreas Lenander’s creation: Beautiful headdresses and garbs invite a closer look and tell a story of an age long forgotten.

A beautiful entry with lots of detail – and a well-deserved second place! Congratulations!


Interior Architect

A total of 22 entries followed in the footsteps of famous architects long departed. Impressive throne rooms or privies – somehow we had it all!

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: Circus_Robot


Patterns and textures are what make this creation so unique – along with a masterful presentation that evokes the heat of the nearby desert. Circus_Robot’s stunning entry is not just beautiful but also tells a story – the composition really works wonders here!

A stellar entry completely deserving of this first place – congratulations!

Runner-Up: herrkraemert

Andarstrom Courtyard

This throne room is an oasis of color, with flowing water, lush foliage and a myriad of patterns. Herrkraemert knows how to capture the grandness of palaces long forgotten and the tall arches do that to great effect.

Worthy of a queen, and also more than worthy for a second place – congratulations!


Rogues and Outlaws

33 entries dealt with the lawless individuals of society: Tales of legendary heists were told and more often than not the outlaws came out on top! Is anyone missing a goat?

There can only be one prince of thieves though (along with a runner-up), so without further ado:

Winner: Mbricks

Wizard Tower Ambush

Secluded and absorbed by their studies wizards live in remote places. And for good reason, as Mbricks depicts: His whimiscal wizard tower is being attacked by sinister rogues!

A study in derelict architecture, with lovely colors all around, framed by lush vegetation – a grand entry that well deserves its first place! Congratulations!

Runner-Up: W. Navarre

Moon Blade!

An assassin on a rooftop – that’s a motif that’s been tried again and again. W. Navarre put a great spin on it with this creation and frames it artfully with bamboo and a full moon. One can almost hear the waves crashing in the distance as the epitomous black figure ponders about his next target.

More of an art piece than a LEGO creation this is a rightful second place – congratulations!


The Rich and the Poor

Our collaborative category inspired 18 builders to create 9 entries. Often humorous and always inspiring – but always dealing with the two most contrasting parts of society.

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winners: jnj_bricks & W. Navarre

A Plague Tale

A flood of intricate details and clever textures in contrast to the gruesome existence in poverty on the battlefields made this winning entry stand out. The exploitation of the poor by the elites was daily business in the medieval ages, a motif executed to perfection in the entry of jnj_bricks and W. Navarre. A truly worthy winner for Brickscalibur’s first collab category!

And with that...

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your trust in Brickscalibur and for making this first one so much fun! We had a blast hosting it and it is humbling to see all the beautiful creations that it inspired.

We are already looking forward to its 2nd iteration this fall. We hope you are too!

Join us on November 1st for the return of Brickscalibur!


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