Rules & Regulations


Build Your Way to the Round Table!

A challenge as epic and massive as Brickscalibur needs a codex for its participants!
Make sure to stick to the guidelines or your quest for glory may meet an untimely end!

Most importantly though – have fun and enjoy building castle with likeminded friends!

Rules & Regulations

Important Details

Here you will find answers to your most burning questions – more details will be announced when Brickscalibur officially launches on November 1st!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please head to our Discord!

Brickscalibur 2023 kicks off on November 1st 2023 and concludes on January 15th 2024.

As long as it is January 15th somewhere on the globe you may submit your entries.

Brickscalibur is a castle contest. Therefore your entries should be set in the medieval times. The generally accepted timeframe from the Fall of Rome to Columbus is a good guideline to stick to. Be fantastical or realistic with your entries – we love both equally!

Some of the categories will come with additional restrictions – adhere to them if you like getting good scores!

  • All entries must be new creations not shown online or publicly before November 1st 2023.
  • Only official LEGO elements should be used – avoid third-party parts or clone bricks.
  • There are no limits on picture size or quantity. Please submit an album if you submit multiple images for a single entry.

Digital entries are allowed for every category. However, digital entries will be judged seperately and will not be in the running for the respective category prizes. Instead there are two separate prizes for the two highest-scoring digital entries.

You are free to use any software of your choice, and there is no restriction on what elements or colors you can use nor if your build is actually physically possible.

Digital entries do not count towards the Dragonslayer. However it will be tracked on the Hall of Fame as a separate score.

You may submit an entry either via the #submissions channel on the Brickscalibur Discord or via our submission form on this website, once the contest is live.

Each category offers a choice between a LEGO set and a custom-built prize that will be unveiled during the first weeks of Brickscalibur.

Each contestant can only win 1 category prize – the Dragonslayer Award and the collaborative category are exceptions to this rule.

When winning multiple categories, the winner chooses which prize to receive, with the other prizes going to the respective runners-up.

The Dragonslayer Award gets awarded to the highest-scoring builder each year.

You can win this award only once – but once you do, your sigfig will be added to our virtual round table at the very top of our Hall of Fame!

Addtionally, this award also comes with a cool physical LEGO prize!

Each entry can score a total of 25 points. Our judges will look at the following criteria:

  • Build Quality (maximum 10 points)
  • Category & Concept (maximum 10 points)
  • Presentation (maximum 5 points)

The maximum score a builder can receive per year is 150 points (6 categories x 25 points).

The total score of all your entries will mark your spot in the Hall of Fame. There’s a maximum of 150 points to be scored across all categories (6 categories x 25 points). Should you enter categories multiple times, only the highest scored entry per category counts towards your high score.

The higher your score the more bragging rights you’ll earn – along with a fancy title to show off in the coming year!

Builder's Bundle

The Brickscalibur Battle Chest

To help newer builders to close the gap in parts and collection size, we’ve created three so-called Brickscalibur Battle-Chests: A collection of useful elements to jumpstart your castle building – complete with three fantastic minifigures created by minifigure wizard extraordinaire Aurore.

To apply for one of these packages, please fill out this form until October 31st. We will then pick three recipients and will mail out these parts packs ASAP – hopefully they’ll reach our apprentices in time to make use of them for this year’s Brickscalibur!

EDIT: The Deadline has passed now.

The Fairest of them All

Meet the Judges

Impartial and just – and also at the top of their game: A contest like this needs a panel of renowned judges!

We searched far and wide and are happy to announce this year’s panel – we are sure you’ll recognize a name or two!

Aaron Brick Designer
Aaron Newman
César Soares
Cheesey Studios
Caleb Schilling
City Son Creations
Lee Chi Wing
Martin Gebert
Markus Rollbühler

Find us on Discord!

Will you answer the call? Then pack your armor, your swords, lances and bricks, and join us in this year’s Brickscalibur over on Discord!

Winter time is castle time – why not enjoy it with friends?