The Results are in!

The third Brickscalibur has come to an end and our renowned judges have done their deed.

A staggering 194 entries were submitted across six categories, and with that scores of stunning creations delighted judges and spectators alike.

Time to celebrate this year’s winners!

The Dragonslayer Award goes to...


A wizard amongst mortals, there was one competitor that stood above the rest: One entry more creative than the next, with wonderful ideas and piece usage that makes you question your own skills, he inspired us all!

This year’s Dragonslayer is danko! As they say: There can only be one. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!

Honorable Mentions

Medieval Micro

38 entries made this one a favorite amongst the competitors – and they knew how to delight us with small and smart creations.

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: Mighty Studs

Moonlight Castle

A starry sky watches over towering spires and tranquil forests – an idyllic night-time postcard sent in by Mighty Studs!

Bioluminescent butterflies and cute toadstools create a fantastical setting, and the lush trees form a beautiful visual vignette guiding your eyes into the distance. There, a castle with warmly lit windows invites visitors for a stay – its silhouette beautifully framed by a night-time sky. This is a marvelous frame-filling scene with an outstanding use of forced perspective!

Congratulations on this well-deserved win!

Runner-Up: brianbrickster

Rock Work

A unique take on the category, brianbrickster’s entry stood out not just for its creative concept but also for its intricate details and the masterful execution!

This carefully chisseled castle is this year’s well-deserved runner-up. Congratulations!

Honorable Mentions
Everdell or Elvendale?

The Enchanted Forest

An enchanting 36 entries embarked onto adventures into the misty woods. They discovered a myriad of whimsical moments, curious creatures and other wondrous scenes.

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: ID5

Beware of the Monstrous Scarlet Mallow

More mushrooms than the eye can see, ID5’s entry was a celebration of whimsy:

Masterfully framed by tall trees, this creatively colorful slice of an enchanted forest won the judges over in a heartbeat. Cute gnomes set the scene in a sea of mushrooms while a giant flower looms above it all. With NPU galore and a superb choice of topic, this one stood out!

Whimsical, fresh and above all amazingly executed – congratulations on this well-deserved win!

Runner-Up: gGhost

Fall / Winter

gGh0st’s little scene displayed why he is known for his unqiue mastery of color: Golden leaves set the scene of fall soon departing for winter and frame the lavender hut masterfully. And did we even have to mention the magenta squirrel?

A painterly piece of art and totally deserving of this second place – congratulations!

Honorable Mentions
Of Temples and Torii Gates

Far East Elegance

31 entries ventured into the Far East, capturing tranquil moments and imposing vistas alike. Dragons and dojos, elegant duels and mighty waterfalls – this category had them all.

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:


Sakura Crossing

Mbrick’s gorgeous postcard of medieval Japan is an immersive scene masterclass:

An iconic red bridge framed by bamboo, sakura trees and more foliage than one would deem necessary, it’s an idyllic love letter to the Far East. We can only wish to see where the farmer is heading to just out of frame!

What a foliage feast – and one well-deserved win!

Runner-Up: Nannan

Crescent Moon

Nannan’s Crescent Moon could very well be a piece of art in a gallery. A careful composition makes an earthen-colored temple shine and a subtly orange-flowered tree creates perfect harmony.

A tranquil art piece and a masterclass in rock work – and a well-deserved second place! Congratulations!

Honorable Mentions
Wickedly Charming

Magical Minifigures

34 entries dealt with the wielders of the supernatural: Vengeful beings, wizards and witches, wacky inventors and a whole coven of magical creatures – this category was pure magic.

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: Francis

Tabletop Terrors

A rich tapestry of adventure and fun ideas, Francis‘ entry brought a whole band together to fight off evil:

With a myriad of smart ideas and a simple story that tied it all together, this entry was both creative and complete. A love letter to tabletop role playing, a multitude of classes are shown, each immediately recognisable and beautifully crafted.

With stand-out additions like a mechanical golem or a spiritual weapon, this entry was a special one – congratulations to a well-earned first place!

Runner-Up: Steinchenwunder

The Witches

steinchenwunder crashed the party with a whopping ten whimsical witches:

With each witch being wholly unique, with wonderful color schemes and wondrous brooms, and part of a bigger story that connected six submissions across all the categories, this entry was a fun one!

Congratulations for a well-deserved second place!

Honorable Mentions

Fantastic Feasts and Where to find them

Our industrious chefs served up a whopping 26 courses entries, one more tasty-looking and creative than the next. While some were preparing meals others were being fed, and there were whole banquets to be had as well.

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: brianbrickster

Christmas in
bandit's hideout

Even bandits get to celebrate Christmas, and these ones here get a feast:

A watchful eye peaks through the window into a cozy room, chock-full of detail. There’s a Christmas tree in the corner, with gifts of gold and other treasures. A glowing fireplace illuminates the scene, complete with stockings and various trinkets. A merry band of bandits celebrates – only the prisoner in the corner doesn’t seem all that happy!

A cozy scene by brianbrickster and a well-deserved first place! Congratulations!

Runner-Up: EMazingbrix

Giles' Treetop Treats

First-class cuisine with an amazing view: EMazingbrix’s estabilishment promises treats above the treetops in style. Beautiful techniques adorn the build and make for a compelling serving.

A marvelous color scheme and smart story telling invite guests to stay – a well-deserved second place! Congratulations!

Honorable Mentions

The Crazy Goat-Cart Race

Creating 11 entries, 22 builders entered our crazy goat-cart race. The entries that made the qualifying were smart, funny and at times downright ingenious and perfectly showcased the crazy creativity of our hobby.

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winners: Cecilie & DR.Church

Scaled up!

In a category where wild concepts were a daily affair, there was one team that stood out in this creative crowd: Their carts were mechanically enhanced, controlled by some remote magic, even – and if that wasn’t enough, they loomed above the rest simply due to being six times larger than most other competitors. Only fitting that the only actual goat-cart racer of the field is par of the winning team!

What an incredible feat of engineering – and a worthy first place in our collaborative category!

Honorable Mentions
Pixel Painters

Digital Only? Yes, Please!

7 entries tried to capture this year’s categories in the digital medium. Each unique and uniquely interesting, they showed what is possible when one leaves the physical bricks behind!

There can only be two winners though, so without further ado:

Winner: legobrickdesign

Pagoda of Harmony

Overlooking the beautiful nature and lush cherry blossom trees, this tranquil entry by legobrickdesign captured our hearts. Step through the torii gate and ascend the mountain to visit the Pagoda of Harmony.

A tranquil entry completely deserving of this first plate – congratulations!

Runner-Up: Math Wizard

Scrying on the Lion Knights

Math Wizard’s loving micro model of an iconic LEGO set managed to add a whole new layer to the story it tells with a smart presentation choice.

Both charming and inventive, this is more than a worthy second place – congratulations!

And with that...

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your continued trust in Brickscalibur and for making this third iteration another celebration of the LEGO Castle theme! We had a blast hosting it and it is humbling to see all the beautiful creations that it inspired.

We are already looking forward to its 4th iteration this fall. We hope you are too!

Join us on November 1st for the return of Brickscalibur!


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